How To Troubleshoot Refrigerator Light That’s Not Working

If you own a refrigerator, you must be aware of the fact that when you open the fridge door the light comes on. This light is important for most people, especially those who use the household appliance for their midnight snacks. But what are your options when this light does not turn on when you open the door? If you face such a situation, the best option is to troubleshoot the problem.

discussing fridge light problemElectric Supply

At times, the bulb not burning may be a symptom of a much bigger problem in the home appliance. For instance, the bulb may not burn because there is no electric supply to the machine. There are a few causes for this problem and you can fix these problems by following these simple steps.

First, you must check if there is electricity in the house. When there is a power outage, electric supply to both the machine and the light will be interrupted. If the electric supply to your house is cut, you must keep the doors closed to ensure that food kept in the residential appliance is cool for a prolonged duration.

Second, you must check if the machine is plugged in properly. There is a high probability that you may have accidentally removed the plug from the socket. If the refrigerator is not plugged in properly, you must push the plug completely inside the socket.

The third possible cause of the problem is the fuse blowing out. At times, the circuit breaker can overload and can trip. This can stop electric supply to the machine. To troubleshoot this problem, you must locate the home circuit board to check every circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker has tripped, switch it back on. Avoid adding too many appliances to a single circuit breaker, as it will overload and trip off again.

The bulb not burning may be due to frayed electric cord. If you have checked all other possible causes of the problem, but did not find any problem with the machine or its wiring, you must check the condition of the electric cord. At times, the electric cord can become damaged or frayed. If this is the problem, you should get help from a professional who will replace the cord. Today, there are several technicians such as dryer repairman, oven service technician, stove technician, oven repair technician, and of course fridge technician, who will visit your place to repair or service your broken appliance.

Bulb Burned Out

The light bulb may not come on because it has burned out or reached the end of its lifespan. If you notice broken filaments or dark area in the bulb, you must change the bulb immediately. The replacement bulb is usually available at the local hardware store. Before changing the bulb, disconnect the power supply to the machine. When replacing the bulb, check the condition of the socket that holds the bulb. If it appears to be damaged or dirty, make sure you replace it or clean it to solve the problem.

Light Switch Stuck

At times, the bulb may be fine but it does not come on because the light switch is stuck. The light is usually operated by the button that activates when the door opens. Over time, this button could get stuck due to the build-up of dirt and dust. Cleaning the button with a moist cloth should solve the problem.

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