How To Troubleshoot Gas Stove Burner Ignition

   Before you take steps to troubleshoot the problem in the burners of your contemporary gas stove, it is important to understand the basics of this residential appliance. When the burner is turned on, the igniter will generate a spark that ignites the burner. Once you light the flame, you can turn down the knob to stop the clicking sound made by machine igniter. If you have a problem with this household appliance, you can follow these steps:

Step 1

Allow the machine grates to cool before taking them off from the home appliance. Check each igniter carefully. Turn on the knob until it stops and check if you hear the click sound of the igniter. If you don’t hear a click, make a note of the burner and continue to check the other burners. You must also make a note of the burners that don’t ignite even when the igniter of the home appliance clicks.

Step 2

To troubleshoot the problem, you must lift the front edge of the household appliance. Try to locate the bracing rod, which can be found near the front of the machine’s compartment. You must then brace the machine top by fitting the rod into the hole located at the underside of the top. When the top is braced, you will notice the igniters for the burners.

Step 3

Check the condition of the wire that connects the igniter that doesn’t spark to the control module. This module is usually located at the front end of the burner compartment. At times, the wire may be detached, which can prevent igniter sparks. To troubleshoot this problem, just push the connectors into the tabs at the module or igniter. Now turn on the burner to check if it is working properly. If the problem is solved, it indicates that the cause of the problem was detached wires. Alternately, if the igniter wires are not detached and the igniter does not spark, it indicates that igniter is faulty and it must be replaced.

Step 4

Turn on the knob of the burner halfway. Try to ignite the burner using a fireplace lighter. If the burner does not ignite, you must get help from a professional. The technician will visit your place to check the gas line. If the burner ignites, you must turn off the knob and adjust the igniter.

Step 5

Remove the screws that secure the base of the igniter to the burner compartment. Move the igniter so that its end is at least a quarter inch from the burner and tighten the machine screws. Now turn the burner knob until you hear a click. If the burner does not ignite, you must check the voltage output of the control module. To do this, it is best to get help from a professional. When contacting a professional to repair or service the stove, it is best to get help from a specialist. Today, there are many companies that specialize in repairing home appliances. You can easily hire a dishwasher repairman, dryer service technician, washer technician, refrigerator technician, and stove technician to repair the appliances that have broken down in your home.

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