How To Troubleshoot A Dishwasher Door Latch

  open dishwasherWhen the door latch of the machine does not work properly, it can prevent the dishwasher from starting. This can be a big headache, but you can easily repair the household appliance if you know what to do. The latch of the machine serves two basic purposes – the first is to keep the door closed and the second is to push the machine’s safety switch. When the door is closed, it prevents water from spilling out of the house appliance. When the safety switch is pushed, it activates the motor and the control panel of the machine. If the machine attempts to run when the door is open, it indicates that you may have a faulty door latch. Here are some of the steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem in the home appliance:


Before you start dismantling your dishwasher, you must check out if the safety switch is the problem or the latch. To check the condition of the switch, turn on the house appliance with the door open. Then, locate the switch and press it. If the dishwasher does not start when the switch is pressed, it indicates that safety switch is the problem. You can troubleshoot the problem by replacing the switch. If the residential appliance starts when you press the switch, you must replace the latch.

Check the Latch

Before repairing or replacing the latch, you must inspect the condition of the latch closely. At times, food particles may get accumulated in the latch, which can prevent it from performing its natural functions. If you don’t take steps to clean the latch, the machine may stop working altogether. You can clean the latch using a small screwdriver and a rag. Now check if the problem is fixed.


At times, all it takes to repair the door latch is some spraying of silicone to lubricate the latch. This spray can be easily found in a hardware store. When spraying silicone on the latch, move the door latch back and forth using your finger to ensure all moving parts of the latch are lubricated.

Check the condition of Strike Plate

The strike plate is the part of dishwasher’s body and it is the part that the door latches on to when it is closed. If the alignment of the strike plate changes, the door of the appliance will not close properly. To check the condition of the latch, you can visually inspect the part and check for any twists or bends. Also, check if the strike plate is straight. If the latch is tilted, you can use the hammer to tap it back into place. This should solve the problem. If you are not sure, then close the door and check where the latch hits the strike plate. If the plate needs adjustment, just use the hammer to tap it back into its correct position.

dish washer repairWhen all these steps fail, it is best to get help from a professional dishwasher repairman. The technician will visit your home to repair or service the appliance. Today, there are many service providers who can send washer technician, gas stove repair technician, refrigerator technician, dryer service technician, washer technician, and several other appliance repair technicians to your place to troubleshoot the problem in the appliance. However, make sure you get references from friends and family members before approaching these service providers.

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