Why Is My Microwave Sparking Or Smoking?

microwave oven applianceThe microwave is an indispensible part of your kitchen. It provides you with an uncomplicated and easy means of cooking certain tasty foods. However, if you don’t handle this home appliance properly, it can malfunction. A common problem that most microwave users face is smoke or sparks coming from the machine. This problem is usually caused by incorrect usage. If you face this problem when using this residential appliance, here are a few things you can do to solve the problem.

Improper Cleaning

cleaning microwaveWhether you are cooking your lunch or warming up the leftovers, it is important to cover the food with a material. This will prevent the food from splattering inside the machine. If for some reason the splatter happens, and you forget to clean the machine, the residual food can overheat which can generate smoke inside the appliance. To prevent this from happening, you must clean the interiors of the machine with warm soapy water.

Incorrect Supplies

If you place any material made of metal inside the machine, it will result in high voltage arcing and sparking. High voltage arcing can be extremely dangerous, as it known to severally damage the microwave or even start a fire. At times, you may not be aware of the metal in the dishware. To avoid this problem, you must always use appliances that are labelled as microwave safe. This is important for your safety and the safety of the family members. Always remember, even a small metal rim around the plate or a stable in the packet can produce sparks in the household appliance.


Since microwave can cook food faster than conventional oven, you must be extremely careful when heating your food. Cooking your food too long in the microwave can cause smoke inside the machine. At times, it can even cause a fire. To prevent this problem, you must know the power level and the wattage of the house appliance. You can get these details by reading the owner’s manual. The manual will provide all the information you need on this topic. If you have lost or misplaced the manual, you can check the label inside the appliance for power and wattage details. 

Another step you can take to prevent overcooking is not leave the appliance unattended when cooking your food. If you stay in the kitchen when cooking food in the microwave, it will allow the problems in the machine before they become serious.

If you notice sparks or smoke coming from the vent, it indicates that you are dealing with some serious electric problem inside the machine.repair man checking microwave When you face this situation, it is best to turn off the appliance and get help from a microwave repair technician. Today, there are many appliance repair companies that have specialist dryer repair technicians, fridge repairmen, dryer service technicians, washer technicians, and oven repair technicians. These professionals will visit your place to repair and service the machine. Most repair companies may also offer limited period warranty on parts replaced by them.

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