How To Troubleshoot A Freezer That Starts And Stops Frequently

man confused with opened freezerYou don’t have to call a freezer repairman, oven service technician, stove technician, or any other appliance repair technician to troubleshoot the problem with your home appliances. You can avoid paying a fee to your technician if the problem with your appliance is simple and it can be easily fixed. One of the appliances that you can fix without the help of a technician is the freezer. If your freezer starts and stops frequently, you can attempt freezer repair without professional help. Here is what you can do to troubleshoot the problem with your appliance.


At times, incorrect adjustment of the thermostat can cause the freezer to start and stop quickly. The compressor is responsible for providing the power required by the freezer compressor for cooling function. The temperature inside the freezer determines the signal sent by the thermostat to the compressor. Set the thermostat of the freezer to a lower temperature setting to see if it starts and stays on. If it does, then there is no problem with your house appliance.

Power Cord

Disconnect the power supply to the freezer and unplug the power cord from the outlet. Visually inspect the condition of the power cord. If the power cord is frayed or worn out, it will not be able to deliver power to the freezer from the outlet. When the power cord is damaged, it will short the compressor and start it. This is a serious health hazard and if you don’t take steps to repair or replace the power cord, it can start a fire. Damaged power cord must be replaced with a new one immediately. After replacing the cord, check if the unit is working properly. If it does, your problem is solved.

half opened full fridgeDust and Dirt

If dust and dirt get accumulated in the freezer coil, the freezer will not work properly. It can affect the compressor’s ability to stay on, as dirt and dust build-up can make the freezer motor and compressor run hot. You will need a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and dirt from the coil. Make sure you disconnect the power supply to the freezer before vacuuming it. If your freezer has an overflow tray, make sure you clean it as well. You must also remove debris and dirt from the compressor and motor for efficient operation.

Build-up of Ice

Another possible cause of problem with your household appliance could be the build-up of ice inside the freezer compartment or the coils. This can affect the freezer’s ability to function. To troubleshoot the problem, disconnect the power supply to the residential appliance and defrost it. Use a hair dryer to remove the build-up of ice. You can dry the freezer coil using clean rag and reconnect the unit to the power source.

Capacitors and Relays

Another reason why the compressor starts and stops frequently may be because the relay or the capacitor of the freezer is faulty. If you faced a power outage recently, these components can get damaged. Replacing these parts is not easy, as capacitors are known to retain electric current even when there is no power supply to the machine. If you suspect that these parts are responsible for the problem, you should get help from a qualified technician.

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