How To Repair A Leaking Dishwasher

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Washing the dirty dishes is a thankless job, as you may have to spend several hours to complete the task. One of the best ways of avoiding this problem is by getting a household appliance that will do the job for you. Today, most homeowners use a dishwasher to clean the dirty dishes. It takes a few minutes to load the dishes in the dishwasher and the machine takes about 60 minutes to complete the job. This means that a family of 4 can save at least 4 hours every week.

Like any other home appliance, even the dishwasher could malfunction. A common problem that dishwasher users face is water leaking from the machine. Even a small leak from the dishwasher can cause structural damage to your house which could result in expensive repairs. You could choose to fix the machine through a dishwasher technician, which can be costly. If you plan to repair the appliance without getting help from a professional dishwasher repairman, you must know the parts that can cause this problem. In this article, we provide you with information that will help you identify and replace the problem part. You can use this information to detect and fix the problem.


When the pump or the pump seal is damaged, the dishwasher may start leaking. The pump of the machine is responsible for circulating water in the device. In some dishwashers, the pump may also drain the water from the machine. In most models, the pump is at the bottom of the machine. It usually contains two compartments, one for circulating the water in the machine and other to drain water. The compartment that circulates water usually consists of the filter and wash impeller, while the drain compartment consists of a blade, solenoid operated diverter, and drain impeller.

The pump will usually have a gasket that seals the pump to the bottom of the machine tub. Regular use of the machine and chemicals can dry out the pump gasket and create leaks. Both the compartments of the pump also have a gasket that prevents leaks. Even these gaskets can fail, which can cause water leaks. Locating the leaks from these areas is difficult. To check the condition of the pump, you may have to remove the access panel of the machine.

Door Gasket

If you notice water leaking from the front of the machine, the door gasket could be the culprit. This gasket is usually made of vinyl or rubber, and it usually goes around the tub or the door of the machine to create a watertight seal. When the vinyl or rubber is already old or exposed to chemicals, it becomes brittle and can get damaged easily. Inspect the door gasket and replace if it appears to be damaged. If there are no visible signs of damage, you must check the alignment of the tub opening and the door. A problem with the leveling legs can affect the alignment of the tub and the door. So, make sure the leveling legs are well supported to avoid this issue. Also, make sure the door latch is working properly, and it is adjusted.

dishwasher serviceHoses and Hose Clamps

The hose clamps help in securing the circulating and drain hose to the pump. To check the condition of these clamps, you must remove the kickplate at the bottom of the machine. If the hoses or the clamps are loose, it could cause leaks. Make sure you check the clamps of both circulating and drain hose and replace them if they are damaged.

Water Inlet Valve

The inlet valve of the machine feeds water from the main line to the machine. When this valve is damaged, it could cause leaks. The valve is located near the lower kick plate of the device. The inlet that supplies hot water to the machine may be a braided hose, rubber hose, or copper tubing. Make sure the inlet is securely connected to the valve and there are no leaks. The valve outlet is usually connected to plastic or rubber hose that is attached to both sides of the tub. Check for tears or cracks in the hose and both the injectors of the tub. These tests are usually more accurate which the dishwasher is filling.

Grommets and Dispenser

Both rinse aid and detergent dispenser are located on the inner panel of the machine. In some machines, the dispenser assembly is attached to the panels using gasket and seal to prevent water leaks. While in other models, it can be molded to the door panel. When there is a problem with the dispenser assembly, the water usually leaks from the front of the refrigerator.

Spray Arm

The spray arm of the machine sprays detergent water around the dishwasher. Most dishwashers have three spray arms, the lower spray arm that is located on the top rack and the middle and top arm that is located above the top of the tub. The spray arm is usually made of plastic which can crack due to wear and tear. Some models may have metal spray arms can also get damaged due to regular use. When the spray arm of the machine is damaged, it can alter the spray pattern of the machine. This can force the water to be directed to the bottom of the machine which can create water leaks. The bottom of the machine does not have any gasket which can force the water out of the machine. dishwasher in home repair serviceAt times, blocked spray arm holes can also display similar symptoms. To remove dirt and clear the blockage from the arm, try to manually remove the debris and inspect the arm for signs of damage.

Float Assembly

The float assembly prevents the machine from overfilling with water. The assembly consists of two parts the float and the float switch. The float switch is located under the tub while the float is located inside the tub. The float inside the tub lifts as the water level in the machine rises. When the proper level is reached, the float switch is activated which turns off the inlet valve. When there is a problem with the float or the float switch, the water levels inside the machine can increase which can cause leaks. If you notice that the water level inside the machine is too high, you must check the condition of the float and the float switch. If there is a problem with these parts, you must replace them immediately.

If these steps don’t help, it is best to get help from dishwasher service technician. Many companies offer dishwasher repair and service at your home. However, make sure you check the reputation of the company providing residential appliance repair before you fix an appointment with them.

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