How To Fix A Refrigerator Door That Pops When Opening And Closing

open two door refrigeratorOne of the features that are commonly listed in most refrigerator ads is the self-closing doors of the home appliance. The freezer and refrigerator doors have nylon cams that are usually installed in the bottom of the doors and the hinge pin. These nylon cams use the weight of the door to shut it when they are pushed gently. With regular use, these cams can wear out and you can hear a popping or clunking noise when the door opens or closes. When you replace the cams, it will take care of the irritating noise and the residential appliance will close without any problem. The procedure to replace the refrigerator and freezer cam is the same, but there are a few extra steps you may have to take when replacing the freezer door. Here are some steps you should take to replace the cams.

Step 1

Before you start working on your house appliance, you must disconnect the power supply to the machine. Don’t worry about turning off the water supply to the machine, as without power supply water will not run through the machine.

Step 2

Empty the contents of the freezer and put its contents in an ice chest, as replacing the cams could take time. When replacing the cam of the refrigerator door, open the bottom of the door. This will give you access to the grill which uses tension clips to hold the doors. To remove the grill, all you have to do is pull it gently from the household appliance.

Step 3

To replace the cams of the freezer door, you must remove the screws that attach the door to the body of the machine. When you remove the cover, it will expose the electrical connections to the door and will give you access to the hex-head screws that hold the freezer door to the body of the machine. If the freezer or the refrigerator door is heavy, you can get help from an assistant to move the door to a stable work surface.

Step 4

Once you remove the door, you must look at the bottom of the refrigerator or freezer door for cams. The cams will be either white or black nylon and usually have a jaded edge. These cams are slipped into the bottom of the door while others are attached to the bottom of the door with the help of a screw.

Step 5

If the cams are pushed into the hole at the bottom of the door, use a flat-blade screwdriver to remove it from the door. Damaged cams cannot be repaired and they must be replaced with new cams. Insert the new cams into the hole or use a screw to attach them into the door.

Step 6

Once the cams are attached to the door, fix the doors to the body of the machine. If you don’t hear any sound when you close the door, it indicates that you have fixed the cams correctly.

These steps should help trouble shoot the problem. However, if you still hear clunking noise when closing the door, you should get help from a refrigerator technician. When getting help from a professional, it is in your interest to approach a reputed refrigerator service technician, who is an expert in the field. Today, there are many companies that not only repair refrigerators but also repair washing machines. Most reputed washer repairman or washer technician have several years of experience in the field. These washer service technicians will visit your home for washer repairs and will repair the machine after giving you an estimate.

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