How To Fix A Noisy Dishwasher

Dishwashers can have an enormous impact on our life. Earlier most people used to clean their dishes manually, which was time-consuming and arduous. Today, most new dishwashers not only clean your dishes must also require less water. technician sitting near dishwasher writing on clipboard in kitchenAlso, this household appliance consumes less energy which helps in reducing our energy bills. In a recent study, it was found that an average hand-washer use a 3-kilowatt hour of electricity and 28 gallons of water to clean a sink full of dishes. On the other hand, the dishwasher uses just uses 2-kilowatt hours of electricity and 6 gallons of water to do the same job. No wonder why dishwashers have become the most common home appliance.

If you have a dishwasher, and you use it on a regular basis, you are likely to face some problems in the machine. Some of the common problems you are likely to face include machine not starting, water draining out of the appliance, noisy, and several other problems. Having a noisy machine in your house can be a frustrating experience. Service or repair of the machine is not easy, especially if you are attempting a fix for the first time. Residential users, who find it difficult to fix the machine, should use the services of an experienced technician. However, if you still want to repair your noisy machine, you should know the parts that could be responsible for this problem. In this article, we have given information on the parts that are likely to cause this problem and the steps you must take to solve the problem.

Defective Pump

One of the reasons why your dishwasher is making strange noises is because the pump of the machine is defective. repairman fixing dishwasherThe main function of the machine pump is to pressurize the spray arm. In some models, it is also used to drain water from the machine. The pump is typically located at the bottom of the machine. It contains two compartments; one for draining the water and other to circulate water in the machine.

The circulation part of the water pump will consist of the filter component and the wash impeller, while its drain portion will contain the chopper blade and the drain impeller. In some cases, the drain portion may also contain the solenoid-operated diverter. The drain impeller is driven by an electric motor that is attached to the side or the bottom of the water pump. If the machine is noisy, you must check the condition of both sections of the pump. Never attempt dishwasher repair without disconnecting the power supply to the machine. If you are unable to solve the problem, it is best to get help from dishwasher repairman.

technician fixing dishwasher Wash Arm Seal

Your dishwasher could be noisy because the bearing ring or the wash arm seal of the dishwasher may be damaged. The seal is a plastic ring the supports the spray or wash arm of the machine. If the seal is worn out or loose, it could prevent the spray arm from functioning properly. You must inspect both the ring and the seal and replace it if required.

Spray Arm

Check the condition of the spray arm to ensure it turns freely and does not hit the dishes or the rack. If the spray arm wobbles, the hub or the center portion of the spray arm may be worn out, and the spray arm must be replaced. If you find it difficult to replace the arm, get help from dishwasher service technician.

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