How To Fix A Leaking Refrigerator

The refrigerator is without any doubt an essential household appliance. It is important to maintain this appliance to keep food and a few non-edible items in your home fresh. However, there are bound to be problems in the refrigerator at some point. If you know how the freezer works, you can fix a few issues without getting help from refrigerator service technician.

technician repairing refrigerator in kitchen room
Some of the problems you are likely to face when you use a refrigerator include fridge not starting, water leaking from the fridge, compressor not working, refrigerator not cooling properly, and several other problems. Some of the problems are straightforward and easy to fix. For others, you may have to get help from refrigerator technician.

Water Leaking from the Refrigerator

Water leaking from the fridge is never a good sign. However, it is a relatively common problem that can be resolved quickly. Some of the common causes of the problem are:

Door Seal

The door seal or gasket can be found on the main door of the refrigerator. The seal is usually made from a vinyl material and has a magnetic strip that adheres to the body of the machine to create an airtight seal. If you notice water droplets near the edge of the refrigerator door, you must inspect the condition of the seal. Visually inspect the seal for signs of wear and tear. If the seal is damaged, it can create defrost issues and water leaks. If the gasket is damaged, you must replace it immediately. To prolong the life of the gasket, keep it free from any sticky substance. If you are planning to replace the gasket without getting help from refrigerator repairman, you should tumble to seal for a few minutes in your clothes dryer. This will make the seal flexible and easy to install.

fridge repairmanWater Inlet Value

If your refrigerator has a water dispenser or ice maker, it will be connected to the water supply line of your house. The device that connects your refrigerator to the water supply line is the water inlet valve. You can find the water inlet valve on the rear of the fridge. When this valve it activated, it provides water to the ice maker and the dispenser. If the refrigerator is leaking, you must check the valve connections for leaks. If the connections are loose, you must tighten them to rectify the problem. The connections must be replaced if you notice cracks in them. At times, the problem may be in the outlet tubing. If the vent pipe is broken, they may create a leak. Replace the vent pipe if you notice cracks in them.

Ice Maker Assembly

If you notice that water is leaking from the ice maker and you are experiencing problems in the ice distribution, you must check the condition of the ice maker assembly. When there is a problem in the ice maker assembly, the cubes are too small. At times, the ice maker may not produce any ice because the assembly is faulty.

repairman checking fridge with digital multimeterTo check the condition of the ice maker, you must see if there are ice cubes in the ice maker mold. If the cubes are too small or there are no cubes in the mold, it indicates that there is a problem with the water fill system. Inspect the fill cup area at the rear of the ice maker and fill tubes to make sure they are not frozen. If you notice ice in these areas, it indicates that foreign particles have entered the tubes and are obstructing the flow of water into the cup. If nothing visible is causing ice build-up, then there may be a problem in the tubing and inlet valve. You must inspect the outlet pipe from the ice maker fill tube and the fill valve for any signs of restrictions. If you notice a problem in the tube, you must replace the tube immediately.

If these steps don’t solve the problem, it is best to get help from a professional refrigerator repair technician. Today, many appliance repair professionals will visit your house to repair and service your machine. Most professionals offer their services in both commercial and residential areas, so you don’t face any problem when you have a broken appliance.

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