How To Fix A Gas Range or Stove Igniter That Won’t Light


Having a range or stove that does not ignite can be a huge problem, especially if you have guests at home. Fixing a stove or oven is not easy, as it involves high voltage checks that must be performed by trained stove repairman. If the range or stove is not working, you should ideally call a reputed stove service technician who will visit your home to repair or service the household appliance.

If you don’t know a good range technician in your area, you could attempt range repair without professional help. To repair a broken appliance, you must know the parts that could be responsible for the problem. Once you identify the problem part, all you have to do is repair or replace the part. This should solve your problem. Here is a look at some of the parts that could prevent your range or stove from igniting.

Hot Surface Igniter

This part is used in most burners to open the safety valve and ignite the gas. The igniter uses electric current to glow and heat to a high temperature. Also, it causes the safety valve of the oven to open and release gas that is to be ignited. This process is usually completed in less than a minute. The size and shape of the igniter will vary depending on the model. The igniter is very fragile and can be easily damaged due to regular use.

If your burner does not light, the first part you must check is the igniter. If there is no power supply to the circuit the igniter will not glow. onsite_appliance_gas_stove_repairTherefore, it is important to check the power to the circuit when the igniter does not glow. This involves live voltage checks and it must be performed by qualified technicians. If there is no disruption of power supply to the circuit, you must check the condition of the circuit using a multi-meter. In case, the igniter is glowing, but the burner is still not lighting, it means that the igniter is weak and it is not able to draw enough power to open the valve. To do this check; you will need an amp meter. Also, this check must be done by a qualified technician. If the igniter is weak or damaged, it must be replaced immediately.

Oven Safety Valve

The gas or safety valve of the range is the part that prevents the gas from releasing until the igniter has reached the right temperature required to ignite the gas. If the range does not light, the safety valve can be faulty. However, the chances of this part failing is low. When the igniter does not light, you should first check whether there is a proper power supply to the circuit. Since this is high voltage check, it should be performed by a qualified technician. If you find that power is lost at the terminals, you should use the multi-meter to check the continuity of bi-meter in the safety valve.

onsite_appliance_stove_technicianElectronic Controls

Most oven functions are controlled by the electronic control board of the machine. The machine uses the control board to open and close the safety valve. If there is no power supply to the igniter circuit, you should check the condition of the control board. When checking the control board, find out if there is a power supply at the output relays. This is a live voltage check and it must be performed by a qualified repairman. If there is no power supply to the igniter circuit, you must replace the electronic control of the machine.

Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor is an important part of the range, which regulates the temperature of the machine. One of the reasons why the machine is not igniting is because the temperature sensor is faulty. The sensor is usually located on the rear wall of the machine. In most modern ovens, a fault code is displayed when the sensor is faulty. Checking the condition of the sensor is not easy. If you want to check the condition of the sensor, you must know the current resistance of the sensor.

To check most parts of the range, you must perform high voltage checks. These checks must be performed by technicians who are qualified to repair residential appliances. Using the services of a qualified person will ensure your safety and the safety of your family members.

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