How To Fix A Freezer That Is Running But Not Freezing

Most household appliances tend to breakdown at the most inconvenient time. Have you noticed that your refrigerator stops working when you are expecting guests at home or in the middle of summers, when you want to store your favorite dish in the refrigerator? Not that appliance malfunction at any other time is good – especially the washer and freezer. At these times, you should be able to identify the problem with the machine and take steps to troubleshoot the problems. If you are unable to identify and solve the problem, you should get help from a residential appliance repair technician. Today, there are many companies that will send dryer repairman, stove technician, freezer technician, oven service technician, and several other technicians to your house to troubleshoot the problem with your appliance.

man checking freezerOne of the appliances that can affect your daily routine is a broken freezer. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem with your freezer.

Testing the Machine

Even if the freezer is working perfectly, it will not be able to maintain the frozen food when the door is not closed properly. So, make sure you check the condition of the door before you check the condition of other parts. Also, using the freezer to cool hot items or opening the freezer frequently can affect the cooling. At times, placing the contents in the front of the evaporator fan can prevent it from circulating air, which can affect the cooling. Once you have checked the condition of the door and the items inside the freezer, check the temperature inside the freezer using a thermometer. The temperature should be about zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Door Seal

Problem with the door seal can affect the working of the freezer. To test the condition of the door seal, put a dollar bill between the freezer and door. Now, close the door and check if you can pull out the bill. If you are able to pull out the bill, then there is something that is interfering with the seal. Dirty seals must be cleaned and damaged seals must be replaced immediately.

Other Repairs

If your freezer is running properly but it does not cool, you should remove debris, ice, or dust that may smother the coil. Ice formation can be removed from the coil using a hair dryer. Once the ice melts, you can use a soft cloth to remove moisture and dust from the coil. If you notice water on the floor when the freezer is running, you should check for problems in the drain tube. If the tube is blocked, you can use bleaching water to clean the tube and push out the debris.

Repairing the Coolant System

It is not easy to repair the internal cooling system. It involves checking and replacing dangerous parts and attempting to repair it without professional help can be dangerous. Also, repairing some parts require specialized knowledge and tools. Some parts that belong to the internal cooling system include the evaporator fan, door safety switch, thermostat, defrost control timer, and the failing evaporator. Evaporator fans that squeak and chirp or refuse to circulate air can prevent the freezer from cooling. Likewise, a problem with the door switch is not easy to locate and you must not attempt to repair or service it without professional help.

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