How To Fix A Dishwasher That Does Not Start

Home appliances are an important part of our life, especially those residential appliances that we use everyday such as refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, and several other appliances. We dread to imagine even one day without our useful household appliances. Just imagine, if your dishwasher does not start, who will clean those dirty dishes? When the dishwasher does not work, our first instinct is to call a dishwasher service technician. Calling the dishwasher repairman may be a good option, but it may not be the most affordable option.

When the dishwasher technician visits your house to repair or service the machine, you have to pay charges for both services and parts. If you want to attempt dishwasher repair without professional help, here are a few parts you must check if the machine does not start.

onsite_appliance_in_house_appliance_serviceDoor Latch Assembly

A problem with the door latch or the latch switches can prevent the machine from starting. The assembly keeps the door closed during the cleaning cycle and prevents the water from leaking from the machine. If there is a problem in the assembly, the machine door will not close properly and no power will be supplied to the machine controls. 

To check the condition of the assembly, you must remove the screws that secure the door panel to the machine. The assembly will usually have two switches that are designed to improve the safety of the machine. If the switches are activated when the door is closed, it indicates that the assembly is in perfect condition. However, if they don’t get activated, you check the condition of the switches using the multi-meter.

Electronic Controls

If the assembly is in perfect condition, the next step would be is to check the condition of the electronic controls. The timer uses several electrical contacts which are driven by a small motor. If you notice that pump motor is not working, you should check the condition of the electronic timer. Its condition can be checked using a multi-meter. You may need a schematic diagram to get details of the contacts of the inlet valve and motor circuits.

onsite_appliance_dishwasher_technicianSelector Switch

The switch allows the users to select the cycle option they would like to use to clean the dishes. If the switch is defected or not fully depressed, it can prevent the machine from starting. Before you check the condition of the switch, make sure it is fully depressed. To check the continuity of the switch, use a multi-meter. The switch is located on the machine’s control panel and you have to remove the door panel to access the switch. Make sure you remove the power supply to the machine before checking the condition of the switch.

Motor Start Relay

The motor start relay is a part of the pump motor, which is responsible for powering the motor. If the machine does not start, you must check whether there is power at the control circuits. If there is not power at the circuits, it indicates that the starter relay of the motor may be defective. You will need the machine’s wiring diagram and multi-meter to check the continuity of the relay. When checking the condition of the relay, make sure the switch contact portion and the coil portion of the relay, show continuity.

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