How To Fix A Clothes Dryer That Won’t Turn On

Like any other household appliance, even your dryer can develop a malfunction without advanced warning. turning on dryerOne of the problems that you are likely to face with this home appliance is the machine not turning on. Diagnosing this problem is usually more difficult than fixing the problem. The machine has several components that can fail, which can cut the power supply to the heating element, the motor, or both. This failure may be due to wear, age, or improper use of the machine. Some of the problems can be addressed without getting professional help, for others, you may have to use the services of a dryer service technician. Here are some tips to help you solve the problem:

Check Power Supply

Your electric or gas dryer must be plugged into the electric socket and the breaker that controls the socket must not trip. If you use a gas dryer and you have plugged the machine into a 120-volt ground fault-interrupting socket, the socket itself may have tripped. You can reset the socket by pressing the reset button. If you are using a circuit that is shared by other house appliances, then a problem in one of the appliances can trip the common circuit, which can cut the power supply to the dryer.

Start and Door Switch

man checking dryerA problem with the start or door switch can prevent the machine from starting. The door should make a click sound when closed, if it does not, it is an indication that there is a problem with the switch. You can check the condition of switch using a multi-meter. To gain access to the starter switch, you must lift the control panel cover. To do this, you must remove the screws that fix the cover to the machine. The door switch is usually mounted on the machine housing and you can access it without removing the control panel cover. If your switch is faulty, you must replace it immediately.

Thermal Fuse

Most modern dryers have a thermal fuse, which is mounted on the heating chamber. When this switch blows off, it can disrupt the main power supply. This switch usually blows when the temperature inside the machine is too high. To gain access to the fuse, you must remove the back panel or cover. You can check the continuity of the fuse using a multi-meter. If it is blown, you can replace it easily. Once you replace the fuse, find out why the machine is getting overheated. If you don’t identify the cause, the machine will get heated and the fuse will blow once again. Some of the common causes of machine overheating include fan not working, blocked vents, or the dryer has limited space around man repairing dryer

Other Common Problems

If you hear a humming sound when the machine starts, it could be due to a faulty drive motor or broken drive belt. In some models, the machine will not start if the drive belt is broken, while in others, the machine will start but the tumbler will not turn. Replacing the problem part should solve the problem. If these steps don’t help, it is best to call a professional to repair the machine. Calling a fridge repairman, a microwave technician, a washer technician, or an oven repair technician, who also offers dryer repair, may not help. It is in your interest to call a professional who is a specialist in the field.


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