How To Fix Banging In A Stackable Washer

Most people use stackable washers because they occupy less space. These stackable washers are usually found in small apartments or in homes that don’t have laundry room. Most of these modern household appliances are front loading machines that make less noise when compared to standard top loading machines. However, when the machine is not fixed properly or when there is a problem in the level, you can hear a banging sound when the house appliance operates. At times, this problem may be due to improper fixing of the hose. You could get help from a washer service technician or you could fix it yourself. If you have decided not to get help from a washer repairman, here are a few tips to help you.

Obvious Causes

If you put heavy items such as coats, shoes, and jeans in the washer, you could hear a banging sound during the spin or wash cycle. You should avoid putting shoes in the washer, as they can knock around and damage the drum and the roller. If you want to clean your shoes in the washer, put them in a laundry bag or pillowcase and wash them with soft and bulky items such as towel and bed sheets. This balances the load inside the machine and prevents banging. If you still hear a banging sound, stop the machine and redistribute the items inside the machine. This will help in restoring balance.

Level of the Machine

At times, banging may occur because of uneven washer level. You could hear a banging sound at various points through the spin and wash cycle as the machine bounces on its legs. You can check this by putting a level horizontally at the back, front, and the sides of the machine. If it is not level, you should check the bottom of the machine. Most modern washers come with four legs, two at the back and two at the front. Make sure all the legs are in contact with machine’s base or floor. If you want to raise the leg, turn the leveling leg in anti-clockwise direction, and to lower the leg, turn it in clockwise direction. Adjust all the four legs till the machine is level.

stackable washing machinesLoose Hoses

If the inlet or drain hose of the residential appliance is loose, it can bang against the wall of the machine during the drain or spin cycle. To check if the hose is the cause of the problem, pull out the washer to check the condition of the hose. If there is a loose hose, attach it securely to the machine.

New Washer

If you purchased a new machine, some moving bolts may still be attached to the machine. Most manufacturers install these bolts to prevent the internal parts and tub from getting damaged. If these bolts are left in the machine, they can cause banging sound when the machine spins. Most modern washers have a shipping bolt that is installed on the right side of the appliance. This bolt is usually indicated by a yellow tab. To remove this bolt, all you have to do is pull the tab. 

If you are unable to identify the problem with the machine, it is best to get help from a washer technician. The technician will visit your home to repair and service the machine. The technician will start washer repair after you approve the estimate given by the technician.

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