Common Problems Associated With Washing Machine

The timer of a washing machine is an important programming tool that regulates power supply to various parts of the machine. It consists of a control switch, which is usually found in the main control panel of the washer. The model of the switch will vary depending on the brand of the washing machine you use. Some brands use mechanical clocks which resemble the normal clock, while others use electronic clock to regulate the machine.

The timer of the machine induces the machine to perform a task for a specific length of time. The start switch of the machine, which is usually a part of the timer knob helps in setting the time of washing and drying cycle. When you pull or push the knob, it activates the cycle. The knob can be either electronic or mechanical, depending on the model of the machine. If there is a problem with the knob, it can be repaired only by a washer technician.


The knob and selector switch vary depending on the brand of a machine. The washer will operate only when the timer is in perfect condition. The timer is usually the start button of the machine. If you have a digital washing machine in your house, the functions of the machine are controlled by an electronic switch. Most modern washers use electronic switch to control the functions of the machine. However, a mechanical switch is considered better than an electronic switch as it is more durable.

Common Problems

Since the timer controls most functions of the washer, even a minor problem with the timer can affect the functioning of the machine. Some functions controlled by the timer include tub draining and filling processes, water level of the tub and duration of a wash cycle plus all other important settings of the wash cycle. One of the common problems you are likely to face is loose connection. This problem can be solved by checking all the wires that are connected to the timer and fixing them securely to the terminals.

At times, the timer may show a faulty time which can affect the wash cycle. If the selector knob is loose, it can get damaged due to inefficient handling. Another problem you could face is wires connected to the timer getting damaged or burnt. This problem can be solved by replacing the damaged wires. Splashing water on the timer can damage it. If the timer does not work if water is inadvertently splashed on it, you may have to replace the timer.


If you have a washer that does not work, it is important to carry out repair or service properly, else, it could affect the functioning of the machine. Repairs cannot be carried out unless you are trained to handle them. This holds good for all other appliances you have in your home. For instance, if you have a fridge or dryer that is not working, you must get help from a trained dryer service technician or fridge repairman to solve the problem. Repairing household appliances without proper technical knowledge can endanger the life of people living in your house.

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