How To Fix Problems With Your Stove, Range Or Oven?

Range, stove, and oven are some of the commonly used kitchen appliances. However, having a broken appliance in the kitchen can be a frustrating experience. You can attempt to repair these appliances, but you must understand the risks involved. Here are some common problems you could face when using these appliances.Gas and electric stove, range and oven technicians

Does Not Start

Several problems why your range, stove, or oven does not start affects the internal circuitry. The internal fuse of the machine may have blown out or the broil element may not be working. If the fuse is blown, it means that a component of the machine has shorted. Other causes of this problem include faulty bake element, surface burner element, temperature sensor, infinite switch, safety valve, electronic control board, or oven burner igniter. Since diagnosis and repairs of these parts is not easy, it is best to get a professional to rectify the problem.

Heating Issues

If you are facing heating issues, it could be due to problems with the bake element, control thermostat, temperature sensor, fuses, or the electronic control board. Check the condition of each of these parts to find out the exact cause of the problems. You may also have to check the bake circuit to find out the cause of the problem. This will involve live voltage checks which must be done by qualified professionals.

The Element Does Not Heat

The element may not heat because of problems in the terminal block, receptacle, or the switch of the surface burner. The surface burner consists of several wires that produce heat. You can check the condition of the heating wires using a multi-meter. Avoid checking the surface burner switch without the help of a qualified professional as it involves a high voltage test.

Timer not Advancing

If the timer does not advance, it means there is a problem with the control board. Most ovens use an electronic board to control the functions. At times, fault codes will be displayed which will help you identify the problem. If the code is not displayed, you must check the power to the element. If there is no power to the elements, you may have to perform live voltage checks to verify the output of the relay.

Problem with Igniter

The electronic control boards of the oven operate the oven safety valves. If the board does not power the oven safety valve, it will not release any gas. So check the power to the board and circuits. Since live voltage checks must be performed to check the condition of relays, boards, and circuits, you must get help from a qualified technician.

Too Hot

If your range or oven is too hot, there could a problem with the temperature sensor and oven control thermostat. The temperature sensor monitors the temperature of the oven and signals the controls to turn the element on or off. If there is a problem with the sensor, it cannot control the temperature, which can make the oven hot. You will need a multi-meter to check the condition of the sensor.

Does Not Program

Check the condition of the membrane switch or the electronic control board if your oven does not program properly. The membrane switch or the keypad is usually a part of the control board. However, some models may use a separate membrane switch. If the keypad is damaged, you may have to replace it.

Door Does Not Open After Cleaning Cycle

The most likely cause of this problem is a faulty door switch or assembly. Before you check the condition of the switch or assembly, make sure you cut the power supply to the machine. If you don’t find any problem with these parts, you should check the oven temperature sensor. Checking the condition of the sensor is a complex procedure and must be done under the supervision of an expert.

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