How To Fix A Dryer That’s Not Producing Heat

technician checking washing machine with digital multimeterA dryer that produces less or no heat to dry the clothes can be a frustrating experience. When this household appliance does not function properly, most people prefer calling their dryer service technician. Even though this is one of the most reliable options, it can be expensive to call a dryer repairman to repair the machine. If you know how to identify the problem, you can easily replace the part and save your hard-earned money. In this article, we have provided you with the list of parts that are likely to cause this issue. All you have to do is identify the part that is broken and replaces it with a genuine part.

Heating Element

This component is responsible for generating heat in the electric dryer. The heating element is a coil of wires that are enclosed in a chamber. When an electric current passes through the coil, it creates heat, and when the air is pulled through this chamber, it absorbs heat. If the heating element of the dryer is defective, the machine will not produce any heat. To check the condition of the heating element, remove the rear or front panel of the machine. If the element is defective, replace it, as it cannot be repaired.

High Limit Thermostat

This safety device is mounted on the heating chamber, and it is designed to prevent the machine from overheating when the exhaust vent is blocked or restricted. When the vent is restricted, the thermostat will trip and stop power supply to gas valve or heating element. Unlike the cycling thermostat, the high limit thermostat will not activate repeatedly. Instead, it will fail and prevent the machine from producing heat. To check the condition of this component, disconnect the power supply to the device and check its continuity using a multi-meter. If there is no continuity, you will need to replace the part.

Cycling Thermostat

The cycling thermostat helps in controlling the temperature inside the machine drum. It controls the heating element of the device, to ensure that the correct amount of heat is released inside the appliance. This component is located either in the internal airflow ducting or on the blower housing. To check the condition of the cycling thermostat, disconnect the power supply to the machine and check its continuity using a multi-meter.


Most modern gas dryers come with igniters that ignite the gas that is released by the gas valve. When the machine calls for heat, the igniter will start to glow as the engine heats up. When the desired temperature is reached, the gas valve will open, and the igniter will ignite the gas. The igniter is located near the valve burner tube. The size and the shape of the igniter will vary depending on the model of dryer. This part is extremely fragile, and you must handle it with care. If you find it difficult to locate and replace this part, you can get help from a dryer technician. Most professionals that offer their services in residential areas will visit your home to service and repair the dryer.

repairman working on a dryerRadiant Flame Sensor

The flame or radiant sensor is designed to sense heat released by burner flame or igniter in a gas dryer. It is located near the igniter and is a part of the burner assembly. When the sensor detects heat, it opens the gas valve, and it continues to keep the lid open until stops detecting heat from the burner flame. If the flame sensor is defective, either the gas valve won’t open, or the igniter will not glow. You will have to check the continuity of the sensor if the igniter does not glow. You attempt dryer repair only after you disconnect power supply to the machine. At times, the electric contacts inside the flame sensor may be damaged. Some symptoms of this problem include the gas valve, not opening and igniter glowing continuously. In such situations, you will have to replace the sensor.

Gas Control Valve

The gas valve is an integral part of the gas burner system. The igniter circuit and flame sensor provide the power required by the gas valve. When the circuit completes, the coils inside the machine will be energized, and the valve will open and release gas into the burner. A common symptom of a defective valve is an igniter that glows but does not produce any flame. The valve may function correctly initially but may fail later resulting in limited heat being produced to dry the clothes properly.


The gas valve of new gas dryers is operated by the electric coils. These coils are usually located near the gas valve, and they are controlled by the machine’s heat circuit. When the coil is damaged, the gas valve will not open, and the engine may not produce any heat. At times, the coils may generally function in the initial stages of the cycle but may fail later. This may be due to excessive internal heating. If you suspect that the coil is defective, you must check it continuity using a multi-meter.

Temperature Sensor

The internal temperature of the machine is managed by cycling thermostats in most machines. However, in some dryers, the internal temperature is controlled by the temperature sensor. The device may use multiple sensors to regulate the temperature. To check the resistance of the temperature sensor, you will need a multi-meter. When checking the resistance, you must know what’s the resistance of temperature sensor at room temperature is. Make sure you do this test when the power is disconnected.

estimate for a kitchen appliance repair

The timer of the machine is located in the control console of the engine. It usually consists of a motor that is connected to several gears. These gears rotate the cams that control the electric contacts inside the timer. These contacts monitor the heating circuit and the motor of the machine. When there is a problem with the timer, the dryer will not produce heat, and you may have to replace the timer to solve this issue. You can check the condition of the timer using a multi-meters. All repairs and replacements you do in your house must be done only after the power supply to the machine is disconnected.

Thermal Fuse

This fuse is a safety device that prevents the machine from overheating. If the fuse is blown, it cannot be repaired, and it must be replaced. To locate the fuse, open the dryer cabinet. Check the continuity of the fuse using a multi-meter. If the fuse is defective, repair it immediately to solve the problem.

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